AIBIDS-Artificial Intelligence Based Intrusion Detection System

Principal Investigator: Dr Daragh Naughton

Funded by: Enterprise Ireland

Grant Value: 150,000

Project Aims:Abids pic

Artificial Intelligence Based third party Intrusion Detection System (AIBIDS) aims to develop a commercial intelligent third party intrusion sensing system for high value transmission networks and security sensitive assets/perimeters. The system will work over a secure wireless protocol and will be of particular interest to such clients as governments, military, power generation, aerospace, oil & gas exploration, large utility companies etc.

The projects main objective is to increase the probability of detection of an event to 99%, using a novel functional Artificial Intelligent detection algorithm and to accurately pinpoint the location of the generated signal to within a reasonable distance of 5-10 meters.AIBIDS

Another goal of the project is to develop and validated a market ready robust platform which can be designed, installed, commissioned, monitored and maintained by a spin-out Irish company within a three year period or licensed to an Irish company already established in this domain. The aim is to provide continuous revenue post-installation with a Manu-service division providing real-time outsourced monitoring of the commissioned system and assets.

The project also proposes to clearly define a successful route to this lucrative export driven security market for the product, to identify and form a solid relationship with potential clients throughout the course of the research and to protect any intellectual property that will arise as a result of the project.

The project is currently in Phase Two. The project objectives currently are for further testing of the prototype system with additional development and reviews for a final finished system. The design, development and testing of a self-contained ruggedized product will commence, resulting in a market ready system which will be aimed at the client base.

For Further Information Contact:

Dr Daragh Naughton

Principal Investigator AIBIDS

Dept. of Mechanical & Automobile Engineering

Mr Christopher Ryan

Research Engineer AIBIDS.

Dept. of Mechanical & Automobile Engineering

Ms Kelly O’Brien

Research Engineer AIBIDS.

Dept. of Mechanical & Automobile Engineering

Enterprise Ireland