AR Glass

AR Glass. The development of an anti-reflective nano coating for solar applications

Principal Investigator: Dr Daragh Naughton

Funded by: Enterprise Ireland

Grant Value: 300,000

Project Aims:

  1. To develop a laboratory based glass etching (subtractive) process for toughened float glass for both photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal panels (ST) to increase light transmission and reduce light reflectance.
  2. To comprehensively test the processed glass samples and to demonstrate their integrity in different operating environments simulating the range of operating environments the products will be exposed to during their operational life.
  3. To significantly increase the efficiency of solar modules by 5-7%.
  4. To design and simulate a production facility to successfully industrialise the novel production process.
  5. To make the process completely market ready and suitable for an Irish indigenous organisation to license the process with ease.
  6. To up-skill existing Irish glass processing organisations and to re-orientate them towards a more lucrative and stable market than that of just the building sector.
  7. To increase Ireland's reputation as a research led economy with adequate resources and personnel to capitalise on the ever-growing renewable energy sector.

From a technical perspective: it is anticipated that the project will result in the development of a patented commercial process for etching a nanoporous silica structure into the substrate of both sides of a glass cover for solar applications resulting in an increase in the light transmission values of the cover when compared with the conventional technologies. From a commercial perspective: It is anticipated that the project will result in a protected license-ready process that will enable an Irish organisation(s) to successfully enter the lucrative solar glass production market and to export market ready products to Europe and beyond using this innovative licensed process.

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