TEMPO: Total Energy Management for Production Operations

Principal Investigator: Mr. John Cosgrove

Funded by: Enterprise Ireland

Grant Value: 1,600,000

Problem Statement:

Up to 60% of the energy consumed in an industrial facility is attributed to direct energy used by production operations. Real-time Energy consumption by Value Stream is not generally available in industrial facilities.

Project Aims & Goals:

TEMPO aims to establish effective ways of monitoring manufacturing energy consumption to clearly identify usage, optimisation opportunities & cost reduction.

The goal is to develop a set of effective ICT tools that can be internalised in their production facilities to improve their energy monitoring.

Industrial Engagement:

Tempo is actively engaged with production facilities within the I2E2 and IERC consortia, gathering information on their systems, objectives and baseline targets.

Project Plan:

Energy Classification:

The overall energy consumed by an industrial facility is divided into Indirect and Direct energy. The Indirect energy consists of all the technical services not directly used by production. The Direct energy relates to the production dependable energy and is subdivided into Value-added Energy and Auxiliary Energy . TEMPO will focus on the potential for energy reduction in Auxiliary Energy, particularly on the operational and behavioural changes in production operations. By utilising process maps the energy profile of a value stream can be identified. If energy meters are available for certain equipment, they can be paired with virtual meters to provide the complete energy intensity of the manufacturing process.

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